Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where Did I Go? (tl;dr)

Not news for the most part. Skip if you need to.

So, what happened to me? Well, life got in the way in a major way.

First my Dell laptop died right after the warranty expired. They wanted 300 dollars to extend it a year and I thought that was unreasonable. (I still do). After that I ended up in a long process of trying to get it repaired, in the end after lots and lots of driving to the repair shop an hour away, the Dell breathed it's last. It has since been replaced by a wonderful (knock on wood) little HP G60 120US Notebook PC (with a two year warranty from Office Depot). In other news, there's been some illness in the family (which I'd prefer not to go into detail about) as well as flu season deciding to kick my butt. Twice. I am currently fighting Round Two of a sinus cold. Round one was about a month ago. Additionally, my classes are a bit of a pain right now as well. Very intense. I am attempting to graduate and was told on Monday that there was a class that they will not waive, after they previously said they would. I am going to continue to fight this.

So, that's the personal crap. Regarding the blog itself, an industry insider was on Twitter, tweeting about how many blogs are useless because they just repost news found elsewhere. He wasn't talking about me specifically, but it definitely applies. However, I have no inside sources so I can't really give you any original news. I am more of a spaghetti strainer of geek information. I try to bring you stuff that's relevant without wading through all the stuff that's not as interesting or fun. Does the world need another personal blog? Should I change my format? I am still not sure. I will probably keep it as is for now. However, it's always in the back of my mind.

In geek news, it's really been a wonderful time. Comics have been great recently, with the notable exception of Greg Land working on Uncanny X-Men. Ugh, that guy. It's a shame because there is some really wonderful writing going on and the return of the Hellfire Club makes me one happy fangirl.

I'm broke as a joke, but I found the amazing and traded away some novels and used my points for my manga fix. I've found new series that I probably would have skipped over in the store and got started on the Trinity Blood light novels. I recommend this site HIGHLY. It has been a great experience.

I go through geek phases and while my SO tells me I am firmly lodged in the 'comic book geek' category, I have really come back into being a gamer lately. This is in no small part to Izuna 2 and Lego Batman being made of pure win. Also I got an original X-Box for my birthday. I had missed that console entirely so I am going back and checking out all the exclusives (on the cheap!) that I missed. It's so cool to walk out of Gamestop with 4 games and only having spent 12 bucks. (plus 5 credit). A friend told me about a website called The Backloggery – it tracks what games you are playing, what you've beat, and the like. I am hanging around there a lot these days. They run live streams on Wednesdays and Sundays. So far the community is very cool and not clique-ish. Also highly recommended. My personal backlog is woefully incomplete, but I work on it when I can.

So, that's where I have been and where I am. I expect things to stay pretty intense/interesting through December. I will do my best to be more vigilant on my blog. For those that hung around, thanks for your patience.

- EG.

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unit-1978 said...

Good to hear from you. I actually really was wondering what happened to you. I know you go to IADT, I went there also and I know towards graduation things get a little crazy, with portfolios and just last minute crap.

As for your blog, I dont think theres anything wrong with resposting for the personal bloggin...I personally prefer to personal blog. I have no readers but I dont care. I post whats interesting to me and if I happen to hear or see something of interst to me or those with similar interests I'll let them know "stop by the blog". Either way I think if bringing the "geek news" is what you like then so be it. I personally like reading your stuff. If you post something I dont know about or care about I skip it as you stated.

Either way take care of yourself and I'll be looking for regurgitated news soon :)

Will aka U78