Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Double Blind Character Selection


Okay I am done shouting now - Destructoid posted a link to with all the new features implemented in Street Fighter HD Remix. It's a great list and there are things that all online fighters should have. (like double blind character selection, Soul Calibur!!)

Read it all here.

By the way, if you are wondering wth double blind character selection is, it's this (from the article)
7) Double-blind character selection online. When you’re playing online, don’t you hate it when your opponent refuses to pick a character until the last possible moment because he’s trying to make you pick first? He wants to see who you pick so he can pick the best character to beat yours. In HD Remix, all online play has double-blind character selection. That means that you cannot see who your opponent picked or even where his character selection box is until both of you finish picking your characters. Now there’s no reason to stall on this screen, you might as well just pick your character right away.

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Freyhon said...

SSF2:etcHDandsoon(insert more letters here) is pure awesome. It feels pure old school without feeling out of date.

My one caveat: The XBox controller is a bit mushy (but workable).

The last time I played this game was on a friend's 3D0, and the controls on that $700 monstrosity were so bad that diagonals were more like suggestions than commands. So, I am ok with the mushy d-pad on my XBox.

(I just hope they release that Euro controller with the spiffed up d-pad.)

Happy Thanksgiving!