Friday, September 12, 2008

Link Drop - Seasonal Allergy Edition


Hi folks, how the time flies - or more accurately, how I lose days when I have sinusitis. @_@ Anyway, let's dig through the old google notebook and see what goodies are in there....let's see here. Hm!


Domo-kun will be the Halloween mascot for Target stores
via ANN

A Zero Punctuation style animated short explaining why GameStop is evil. As a previous employee (Asst mgr!) this was relevant to my interests. However, his enunciation needs work.
via Kotaku

Run Neo-Geo games on your DS. Or just skip all the painful bits and buy a Neo Geo Pocket.
via DS fanboy & Play Asia

You can also Twitter on your DS. In Spanish, that is.
via: Gamer Tell

Large Hadron Collider rap. 'Nuff said.
via Wired

You too can download the annoying song in the Mercenaries 2 commercial!

Minami-ke season 3 on the way! Please be more like season 1 (funny) than season 2 (not funny at all)
via ANN

Yet another Ignis figure I'd love to have.
via Kid Nemo

Old but relevant news: There's going to be a Justice League Arcade game.
via insert credit

One last push if you haven't pre-ordered Lego Batman (WHY!?) - Topless Robot reveals Alfred as a playable character.


All right, that's all I got for you. It's time for my cold meds and a nap. ~_~ <ZZzzzz)


unit-1978 said...

hell yeah!!! awesome I got the Merc 2 song. Too bad that game sucked IMO. I had high hopes but if fell thru the cracks. Good song though.

Les said...

i wanted to get the Merc 2 song but they put an axe to the page

JIFF said...

I hope you get better soon