Wednesday, August 20, 2008

True Blood


The viral marketing campaign for HBO's new show True Blood is in full swing. True Blood is based on Charlaine Harris' 'Southern Vampire' mystery series. The main character, Sookie Stackhouse is played by Anna Paquin. (still catering to the geeks, and I love her for it!) True Blood starts Sunday, September 7th at 9pm.

Blood Copy - "News" on vampires in Bon Temps, Louisiana and community concern.

Love Bitten - Vampire Dating site

Tru Beverage - Synthetic blood beverage for your bloodsucking buddies.

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unit-1978 said...

It looks like there going for the pretty people vampires...more romantic goth style...Lame in my opinion. Why cant vampire shows be more like 30 days of Night Vamps. Those were vampires, Tom cruise and Brad pitt started the downhill fall when Interview with a vampire was done...well and anne rice's view on the romantic kind.