Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blog Drop - Japan-esque Edition

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Some news that may amuse you. Or horrify you, either way.

Marvel is printing a mini-series called Big Hero Six. They're "Japan's top heroes" (ssh, no one tell any of the Super Sentai groups).

Their names/powers are as follows:

Hiro (the most brilliant mind in Japan), Baymax (his reliable synthetic entity), Honey Lemon (with her super-powered purse), and Gogo Tomago (an unstoppable explosive ball of energy)!

Gogo Tamago? Like, Gogo Egg?

I suppose after watching Sorcerer Hunters that I should be used to food names. No worse than Carrot Glaces or Chocolate Misu I suppose.

But not the tomato, it's mine.


In other news, ANN reports that Kamen no Maid guy volume 9 will bundle with a dvd with one episode that was essentially "too hot for tv". As you may have guessed (clever you), it's the essential hot springs vacation episode.


Kotobukiya is getting their chocolate in Marvel's peanut butter by releasing busts of Scott and Alex Summers, better known as Cyclops and Havok. $79.99 USD per bust if you're interested.
source: Kid Nemo Co.


In one last Japanese-y moment, allow me to present to you some contact lenses that will make you look more like an anime character (and creep the hell out of people you stare at)
source: Inventor Spot

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unit-1978 said...

awe man, im stoked for some sentai. Gotta love it. Those characters look awesome.