Monday, June 2, 2008

Do Want vs Do Not Want

Facebreaker video posted @ Kotaku - I think it looks really fun. Naturally all the commenters poo-pooed it as it was not realistic enough. Go play Fight Night then and leave this one to me. File under: Do Want.

People in Tokyo want Krispy Kreme doughnuts and are willing to wait two and a half hours in line to get some. I love those doughnuts, but wow, that's excessive. The last thing I waited that long for was a seat on the Spider Man ride @ Universal.
File under: Too Close to Call.
source: Danny Choo

There is a picture of a Skrull Elektra posted at CBR, but no mention of it in the corresponding article. File under: Do Not Want.

Mildly stale news (only a few days, still very digestible)

There will be a 320 page Street Fighter art book released by Udon. Yours for 80 dollars. A bit steep but I am sure that it will be top quality art, design and paper stock. You can pre-order it here, Daddy Warbucks. :3
File Under: Empty Wallet.
sources: CBR and Majoria's News

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ooo artbook... nice.