Friday, May 9, 2008

Kill more time online!

Found these links and they seem interesting enough. Quite pretty for being free. Then again, Sword of the New World was free and I really didn't enjoy it (which kind of broke my heart, as it was so pretty).

World of Kung Fu


of these two, Fiesta has a more appealing art style to me. The screenshot below is from Fiesta, and is their cleric class.Gaia Online's mmo is currenty being built - they're already giving out promo rings (for your avatar of course) - it seems very customizable.

As for me, I won't have any spare time in the next couple of months to devote to an mmo to play it 'right'. It will be console love when I have a little time. I'll stick with Mario Kart Wii and hopefully have some time to dig into Eternal Darkness and Killer 7.

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