Thursday, April 10, 2008

I read some comics last night....(mainly DC)

I am way behind on my comics, but trying to catch up.
Here are some brief recaps and impressions of stuff I read
SPOILERS AHEAD. You were warned.

(Paul Ryan art snagged from here)

Green Lantern Corps 19,20,21
Sinestro War epilogue. Ice comes back from the dead, 'needs time' to rethink her relationship with Guy. Guy & Kyle move to OA. Screams recap/reset/ setting up new storyline. Which I guess is good, because that's what it was. Meh. (ps. Fire & Ice - OTP, don't deny.)

Flash 237- 238
Flash needs some dollars - heroing in the DCU doesn't pay.
At first I thought these were stupid, but upon further reflection with the recession and all, I kind of dig the theme. Everyone can relate to being low on coin and feeling helpless. I like when heroes are shown as people.

Batman & the Outsiders 4 & 5
I was half asleep when I read this. ~_~; *quickly skims*
Ah, the team is fighting against a launch, which I think is full of stuff that would grow mutant OMAC things. However, I might be wrong. o_o; Green Arrow picks a fight with Batgirl and Metamorpho. Ass. Pretty dull fight overall but there is a VERY cool twist at the end with the Dibneys of all people. *thumbs up for Dibneys*

Blue Beetle 24 & 25
I like Jaimie. I even like Jaimie in my JLA/JLI VS System deck. He finds me gear. This may bias me. Anyway, this is the end of a long storyline. Jaimie outfoxes the Negotiator and kicks some ass. He almost gets blown up in the process, but the cavalry arrives in the form of Fire, Ice, Booster Gold & Guy Gardner. Cute. I kind of like Jaimie without a team. Next issue is entirely in Spanish. Time to bust out the Babelfish translator. XD

Checkmate 23 & 24
A plot that is way less convoluted than usual! Huzzah! I feel less stupid with these issues.
Sasha actaully gets Superman to help out with some strikes against Kobra. The only reason he did it was to save lives. Checkmate couldn't infiltrate them without lots of death. (and cake? wait, wrong reference) Very interesting bait and switch by Kobra - takes all the big name metas (JLA/JLI etc) and puts them on busy work while a larger plot unfolds. Innnteresting. I was so ready to bail on Checkmate.

Holy Crap! Marvel books! Whoa!

Cable & Deadool 50
Final issue...oooo. Some funny references to OMD and digs on Carol Danvers being inept. Any digs on Carol are good to me. Cable is dropped into the Avengers fight with the Venom Symbiotes (Symbiont). The Symbionts take over dinosaurs that Deadpool happened to bring along. Bit of a plot hole to wrap up the story involving a gift from Cable, but overall a cute ending to a very silly series.

The Mighty Avengers 10
This one was BAD ASS on many levels. The Avengers get sent back in time and whoo boy does it screw with the Sentry's head. When Dr Doom calls you out as a nutjob, things are not going well for you. The most interesting part of this book was the art design. They made all the parts in 'the past' look like old comic books with the giant dots and giant blocks of primary colors. GOOD TIMES. +10,000 points for the colorist. You work that filter!

Manga? Yes, Manga!

Sgt. Frog 14
I love Sgt Frog. So much. Lots go on in this volume - there's a big finish where Angol Moa loses her facade and is forced to resume her earth destruction. Ohmygah! Will she succeed? (probably not :P) There was more emphasis on Kululu and while he is still a jerk (and enjoys his status as such) - the reader is shown some of his less jerkish qualities. He sticks Fuyuki in a maid costume. poor Fuyuki! Sgt Frog is always good. ALWAYS.

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