Monday, March 10, 2008

Michael Golden is Good People

Just a quick blurb from my MegaCon weekend that I thought I'd share.

Got to meet Michael Golden, who (along with Chris Claremont) created Rogue. Turns out that Golden, while still a cool guy, is not a 'superhero guy'. He's primarily a graphic designer/commercial artist. Rogue, to him, was essentially a job. Now, this sounds bad, but his goal was to make the readers happy and while he's not attached to her per se, it makes him feel good that everyone loves her. I was very impressed with his thoughts on commercial art and 'the process'. It was really wonderful in an unexpected way. I still told him thanks, job or no job, his work is appreciated. I bought an art book of his (30 clams! oy!) and got him to sign it to me. My friend was worried that I'd be sad that Golden didn't have an attachment to Rogue, but I really thought he was a very interesting person in general. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in his office for one day. He's so professional. Big Dog. *nods nods nods* (oh and he liked manga before manga hit in the US. Respect!) I wish I'd realized he was doing New Exiles covers. I would have gotten issue 2 signed.

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Kitsune_rei said...

That's cool, well I guess as an artist you don't know what of your work is going to be received well until later on, and most artists are doing a job. But anyone can be happy when folks like what they've made :D