Monday, February 4, 2008

Wolverine and the Xmen trailer

Oooh, Evil!Rogue. Me like. <3
(yes I am aware she has stupid hair.)


Sharp said...

"Wolverine" and the X-Men?


Pretty groovy trailer. I bet the music on the show isn't nearly as ... commercial.

Green eyed Dragon said...

Oh hell's yeah! it's it a movie or a series? either way i'm there

JIFF said...

They are finally owning to the fact that Wolverine is the main character in $$$$$ terms.

When is this series due?

Kitsune_rei said...

Wow, its Wolverine and his X-men sidekicks... LOL.
I like the animation style though I'm a little skeptical how good the plot will be. OMG DRAMA MUSIC!

This looks like a movie, but is it another series? I actually kept meaning to rent the other Xmen cartoon series just cause I missed a lot of it.