Friday, January 4, 2008

Misc News Bits

Majoria's News did their Best of 07 list here. I need to make one of those.

In addition, they ([mn] Jan 2 post) found an interview at CBR with Mike Carey regarding Rogue's role in X-Men: Legacy. (Legacy is what "Adjectiveless turns into after Messiah CompleX) Apparently, the book centers around Xaiver but has large roles for Gambit & Rogue. (add obligatory arglebargle @ Romy pairing here). This quote made Mike Carey as a writer so much more clear to me.

You can usually tell the characters I'm most interested in, because disastrous things start happening to them."

Explains my love/hate with his X-Books..

Witchblade 113 preview up at Newsarama. Soooo much better than Takeru fanservice manga. ;_;


Cristian Molina said...

Agreed, Takeru is quite horrible sadly, but the "regular" Witchblade comic book is getting better and better (and First Born is just gorgeous, if you haven't checked it, do so).

I wonder if the anime had anything to do with Sara having a baby.

electric goldfish said...

There was a baby involved in the anime, but you see that character when she is a young girl. Also, Sara isn't the wielder in the anime. It's Masane Amaha.