Monday, November 5, 2007

Bad Ideas from House of M

While looking up something entirely different, I was in the Wikipedia entry for Rogue (X-Men) and found this little horrifying tidbit.

NOTE: In an interview post-House of M, writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed that he originally intended for Rogue to permanently absorb the powers of Genis-Vell and for her to become Marvel’s next cosmic powered character. However, the idea was nixed as the current writers and editors of the X-titles didn’t like taking Rogue in this direction, so Rogue only temporarily kept Marvel’s powers for the House of M series.

I don't know who was on the book that rejected that idea, but I'd like to buy them flowers and chocolates. Have Rogue floating around with Quasar, Silver Surfer and that lot? No, thank you.

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