Sunday, October 21, 2007

In Wired and The Wired

So I saw this in my mailbox today, but Gia @ posted it first. Darn your speediness!

Anyway, this month's Wired magazine has a cover story about manga and it's impact in the US. Every time I'm ready to dump my subscription, a cool issue like this arrives.

In other news, while searching for a Lain image, I found a class on Tokyo Cyberpunk. No, really. Here's the description of the class. Also, longest sentences EVER.

Introducing the history, forms, and discourses of Japanese "cyberpunk" in contemporary anime and film, this course explores the urban dreams (and nightmares) that constitute cyberpunk's post-apocalyptic vision of Neo-Tokyo. Viewed not as a reflection of contemporary Japanese society but rather as its defamiliarization, Japanese forms of cyberpunk are investigated as sites of contestation for competing ideologies and the delineation of new possibilities of existence, new forms of being, at the intersection between carbon- and silicon-based forms of intelligence and data-processing. Attention is also given to intertextual linkages with cyberpunk films such as Casshern and Avalon.

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